Ascend Capital Partners

Loan Programs


We will assist our clients to find the right financing from expensive partners and bridge loans, to the least expensive money out there, from institutional, and governmental sources. Each deal has an ideal fit for financing, The most important thing is to complete the deal.


Better Than Bank Financing 

Even before the recession, and certainly after it, banks have been slow and difficult to work with as several layers of government regulate them. Our program is faster, and requires less documentation. You may not even need to produce tax returns for income verification. In this program we like non-owner occupied single-family homes, condos, or 2-4 unit dwellings. We can also do 5+ multifamily and mixed-use. Lastly, we will loan on other income producing properties like: office, retail, warehouse, self-storage, and automotive service (no gas stations).


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Basic Bridge Loans


We offer short-term bridge financing for quick transactions that assist borrowers in low documentation, fast turn-around capital.  We recommend this more expensive money to be used as a tool and bridge to less expensive financing.


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Ascend has equity investor partners who will consider deals, usually backed by hard assets, and who usually need a return which is commiserate to the risk.  We consider these deals on a case by case basis.

We have three Registered Investment advisories, who totaled up, have $185MM under management that would like to invest in deals.  We also have investors who we directly represent, that are also looking for investments.



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Equity Participation


We are approved to broker to a special SBA lender who is able to close before the SBA is complete, saving about half the time on the lengthy process.  


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SBA Loans



Residential Fix & Flip  

"Rehab Cash" Now, provides short-term funding for the acquisition of non-owner occupied 1-4 family residential properties. Cross-collateralization options are available for this program.


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Residential Fix & Lease 

Ascend Capital offers longer-term bridge financing for real estate investors who are looking to buy and hold non-owner occupied residential properties for rental income. A six-month extension is available for this product (a 2% fee will apply).


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Short-Term Financing for Commercial Properties

Ascend Capital provides short-term financing options for a multitude of small-balance commercial properties. A six-month extension is available for this product (a 2% fee will apply). Please note that we will not consider any property types that may pose an environmental risk including gas stations, automotive repair shops and vehicle storage spaces.


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Real Estate Development

Ascend, through its general real estate opportunities fund, actively acquires, entitles, and develops multifamily (for-rent and for-sale), senior housing/assisted living, and mixed-use projects in Florida and California. While we will consider projects of all scopes and sizes, we typically focus on transactions that have the following attributes: 


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