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Ascend Strategic Advisors is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with a select group of EB-5 immigrant Investor Centers to offer consulting services for qualified developers. 

By offering customized financial solutions for CRE projects , Ascend ensures projects commence without the delay of the EB-5 process. Ascend Strategic Advisors will offer bridge and permanent CRE financing for select EB-5 projects.  By maintaining relationships with a large network of banks, using our knowledge of tax credits, bonds, pension funds and established network of private investors to provide construction, bridge and permanent financing. Ascend will also provide financing through mortgage loans, construction loans, mezzanine debt, preferred equity and bond financing. 

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The EB5 Process can prove to be tedious, time-consuming, and risky.  For a Developer, submitting a project to the USCIS for approval, securing investor’s who’s capital cannot be accessed immediately, and having financing sources rely on the EB5 finance structure can not only delay a project, but can jeopardize the project.  

Ascend Strategic Advisors has identified the need for a bridge or alternative financing option that would be specifically designed to coincide and align with the EB5 process.  Ascend can manage the finance structure from the beginning of the EB5 process all the way through to funding. Ascend can also ensure that there are several funding sources at different points throughout the process.  Thus relieving the Developer from the complete dependency of the EB5 time-line.  

Ascend acknowledges the enormous advantages of the EB5 process and does not look to hinder the process, but rather insulate the Developer from the “what ifs” of the process.  

Below are examples of what Ascend Strategic Advisors can do:

1) Bridging Project Times:  Ascend thoroughly understands the need to make sure the existing finance plan moves forward even when the EB5 process may be delayed.  Ascend offers several financing options for those specific periods of time including bridge loans and equity. 

2) Last Minute Equity:  Ascend is sensitive to the Developer’s uphill climb when a last minute EB5 investor backs out.  Though this is not too common, the risk still exists and Ascend is prepared to set up additional back up equity and debt options.

3) Last Capital In:  Sometimes project delays create a need for more capital.  Ascend knows that no project goes perfectly smooth.  Unfortunately, there are parts of the EB5 process that are concrete and 11 hour capital can be very difficult to request.  Ascend has resources to supplement existing financing plans to help close any end of the project expenses. 

4) Tax Credit Guidance:  Developers are getting creative and Ascend has worked diligently to stay knowledgeable on how a vast majority of the alternative capital structures work.  This includes tax credit financing, bond financing, and bank instrument lending.  

The EB5 process can be a solution to strong development projects.  Ascend supports the process and offers additional services and capital options when needed.


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